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In the art of traditional bread making, the ‘fresella’ has always been recognised as an important food deriving from wheat.  The origins of this kind of food date back to the earliest forms of traditional hand-made breads.
One must look at documents dating back to the XIV century to uncover the initial use of this kind of food in  the South of Italy and especially in the court of Emperor Frederick II.

The German Emperor appreciated the southern Italian regions so much that he decided that this place would be his chosen home with its traditions, immense culinary flavours  and typical cuisine.

The ‘fresella’ only became popular in 1870 when regal overseers stated that this was “food belonging to people”.
In the Lucania Region’s gastronomic tradition, long-lasting breads are many.  Historically, these were used primarily by shepherds during their outings on the mountain pastures, as well as stale breads being used in a lot of local recipes. 

The so-called “Mediterranean diet” has incorporated many culinary peculiarities including the ‘fresella’,  which is a classic when it comes to healthy Southern nutrition.
The ‘fresella’ has always been a staple food for the simple people in the South because it is easy to prepare. This allows for the preservation of traditional characteristics such as the genuineness  and the fragrance that this kind of home-made bread offers. 

The basic ingredients are: plain or wholemeal flour, water and beer yeast.  The baking process is key.  The ‘fresella’ is baked twice in order to obtain  the classic ‘double-bake’ effect.
This bread contains  no fat and is suitable for any type of diet.  It lasts a long time as it is already desiccated and just by adding a little water, broth or sauce, you will make it tasty once more.
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