A matter of taste and culture: this is what La Fresella is for, for traditional lucanian bakery to linger with its fragrance in our kitchens.
La Fresella offers a vast array of local products, whose manufacturing is based on traditional recipes, thus genuinely rooted in our territory.

Our aim is to provide everyone with the possibility to prepare unique courses, such as the fresella,
and to enjoy handmade bakery realized with simple but accurately selected ingredients as to ensure their excellent quality.
Our offer includes freselle, done with white or whole meal flour; taralli, must-be-companions of your aperitif, prepared with the best extra virgin olive oil and scented spices, such as fennel, sesame and chili pepper;
biscuits, traditional food par excellence, which are prepared every day to gladden the little ones and to enrich important occasions with their huge variety.

Traditional honey biscuits and little almond twists, biscuits made of eggs, butter and sugar, just as simple as our Mediterranean diet; chestnuts and soft fruits biscuits, with their scent of autumn and woods that enrich the Basilicata region.

Our culture is inspired to efficiency, to the continuing assistance we guarantee to our clients and to ongoing innovation; we respect our traditions and rules governing consumer protection.

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