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The word "tarallo" probably derives from the Greek word “daratos” which means "sort of bread" referring most probably to the round shape of this kind of doughnut.  Its dimensions and the areas where it is widely used have changed over time. The ‘tarallo’ was originally used during the Easter festivities and should be considered  an alternative to bread. The most characteristic elements of the Southern agricultural landscape are fused into this typical and traditional product.

The basic recipe for the preparation of the savoury "tarallo" is the following: wheat, oil and wine,  sometimes mixed with fennel seeds or pepper. A variety of combinations and the use of other ingredients, leads  to producing  many types  of "taralli".

Initially,  it was used as a staple food, like bread, but then it started to be consumed as a starter or a  snack and complemented with an aperitif.
The "tarallo" is eaten across Italy and can also be found abroad, mainly due to its basic and simple ingredients. Namely; extra-virgin olive oil, which just happens to be the essential ingredient.

Additionally,  its small size (bite-size) and the fact that it has few calories (thanks to the extra-virgin olive oil), allow this tasty food to be an ideal starter or snack to complement any kind of beverage. Even the word "tarallo" has spread throughout the Italian language:
“Everything ends with ‘tarallucci’ and wine” is a typical saying which basically means "a happy ending".
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